Colors of Granite


There is a wide selection of colors to choose from when your choice is granite.  Please keep in mind the color of granite you choose can change the price of your memorial.  The most common and price competitive granite is Georgia and Super Gray.  See below for a sampling of what we have to offer and the color descriptions below.



             Granite Color Descriptions

Dakota Mahogany

Quarried in South Dakota, Dakota Mahogany is a large grain granite known for both its unique red-brown color and its density. It is one of the most popular colors quarried in the USA.


India Red

With flecks of red, black and gray, this vibrant color is a beautiful choice for any memorial and is sure to make an impression in any setting.


Bahama Blue

With swirls of a darker blue and red tones, Bahama Blue is a truly unique color, wow your friends and family with this timeless color.


Cat's Eye

With its red and brown tones, this beautiful color's unique flecks-similar to the stuffing eye of a cat is a beautiful color guaranteed to impress.


India Jet Black

This timeless color is the perfect background for any finish work. Make a truly unique memorial with a personalized laser etching or hand etching.


Super Gray

There is no better gray on the market than our own Super Gray! Similar to Georgia Gray, our Super Gray is a price to beat. We are able to sell Super Gray at a very competitive price.


Carnation Pink

Carnation Pink combines innocent light pink tones and mature gray undertones, resulting in a unique new color of granite. Carnation Pink is a perfect color for all ages, from baby markers to beloved relatives.


Forest Green

Forest Green is dark, near black granite with a variety of subtle green tones in varying depths. Forest Green brings us closure to nature, as green is naturally an earthy color.


SD Pink

With brown, black, and light pink tones, SD Pink is a versatile rainbow of subtle colors. SD Pink may be known for its delicate appearance, but is as durable as any other color.


Imperial Red

Imperial Red is a unique granite color with a deep red background, accompanied by waving black speckles and a crystal like shimmer. A beautiful color choice for and monument, from Legacy Memorials to standard Serp Tops.


Georgia Gray

This light gray option has been around for generations!


Night Black

The only real contender to Jet Black in the monument industry is our Night Black. With both depth and quality, it offers a perfect dark showcase for laser etchings, diamond hand etchings, and sandblasting.



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