What You Should Know About Granite


Throughout history, mankind has memorialized those whom we’ve loved and respected. This tradition developed not only as a means to pay respects, but to record their history and honor their accomplishments so future generations would know who they were. Even the monument comes from the Latin word “Monere”, meaning “to remind”. The creation and placing of  monuments even if only a pile of rocks, has been one of mankind’s oldest traditions.


Many different types of materials have been used over the centuries to memorialize lost loved ones, but the only material that can stand the test of time is rock. Today the most popular  monument is Granite.


There is no other natural stone used for commercial purposes that is harder or more difficult to break than granite.


And here’s why:


· Granite is well known for its ability to resist erosion and its  durability to withstand the   elements in any environment

· Granite comes in such a wide range of colors that no other stone can match its natural beauty when polished.

· Granite’s variety of colors and versatility allow for unlimited design options and the use of different techniques to produce different textures and looks makes granite the perfect medium for memorializing someone we loved.




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